We are thrilled to welcome the Winter 2014 Cohort to the Tumml family!  

We were overwhelmed by all the incredible submissions that were received from startups around the world, but have narrowed down our selection to five standout companies that we feel represent Tumml’s mission and values. Each team brings a unique vision to the Tumml family and we look forward to seeing them grow with us!

  • Neighbor.ly is a toolkit to help people, brands, and foundations invest in the places and projects they care about
  • The Farmery is an urban vertical farming and retailing system designed to produce and sell local food in the city
  • SavySwap is a secure experience to get what you want simply by trading
  • Sovi is a collaborative social pinboard for local and community events
  • Feeding Forward is a mobile platform that connects those with excess food to those in need