We are thrilled to welcome the Summer 2014 Cohort to the Tumml family! With a record number of applications, we have selected eight standout companies that we feel represent Tumml's mission and values. Without further ado, please welcome:

  • Akimbo - a career development platform that re-imagines the hiring process while working to build a more inclusive workforce  
  • Barnacle - a community that ships your most treasured possessions through a trusted network of drivers already en route  
  • Chariot - a commuter shuttle service that builds better transit routes by learning commuter habits and preferences  
  • Letsmake - an online platform that helps makers find spaces for their activities, like workshops and commercial kitchens  
  • PopUpsters - an online platform that connects local vendors and makers with unique opportunities to "pop up" their brands  
  • Valor Water Analytics - a suite of tools that transforms water utility data into financial and conservation solutions for the community  
  • Volo - an intelligent peer-to-peer mobile platform for street parking  
  • Weeleo - a peer-to-peer platform to exchange cash currencies in person, based on the current rate, and for free