We are officially one month into the Summer 2014 Cohort and all the teams are working incredibly hard on a range of issues – such as re-imagining the hiring process for nonprofits, building a more inclusive workforce, and transforming water utility data into conservation solutions. The cohort has been meeting with Tumml Mentors and education curriculum providers, such as Adrian Fenty (former Mayor of DC), Kim-Mai Cutler (journalist @ TechCrunch), and Chris Lambert (CTO @ Lyft). 

To entrepreneurs: Are you developing a technology solution to address urban issues? If so, join us at  VERGE San Francisco on October 27-30 using our special 10%-off discount code VSFATUMML. The event is focusing on cities (!!) so, if you're an urban impact startup, consider applying to their Accelerate showcase.

You can read more updates from Tumml here, as well as news stories we're following. Apparently Helsinki plans to make car ownership pointless in 10 years...