Tumml's Winter cohort is gearing up for Exhibition Day – mark your calendars for Monday, April 6th! Get your tickets now and learn more about the our cohort's solutions for everything from workforce development to early childhood nutrition. 

It has been a busy month, filled with events, guest speakers and continued progress. Tumml was all over the place at the LAUNCH Festival: Clara spoke on stage with Jason Calacanis; Rose Broome of Tumml alum HandUp did an on-stage check-in; and Tumml alum Popupsters coordinated the food vendors for the event's 12K attendees! 

Do you have an innovative solution to a city problem? We're now accepting applications to join the Tumml program this Summer! Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, so apply early (the sooner the better). And help us recruit some awesome entrepreneurs via Twitter.  If you have any referrals, send them our way (info@tumml.org).

You can read more updates from Tumml here, as well as news stories we're following. Bloomberg Business has an interesting story evaluating whether cash-burning startups growing city-by-city will meet the same sad end as Webvan...