“When I first met Julie, and her co-founder Clara, HandUp was just an idea. Their support has been instrumental in getting us off the ground. They are home for a new kind of startup, urban ventures with social missions.”
In our early days, Tumml helped Valor Water navigate how to cooperate with local governments to maximize the effectiveness of our sales channels and software deployments. Working with government in a win-win-win relationship (government, company, customers) is possible and has helped avoid future impediments to our business
— Christine Boyle, Valor Water Analytics Founder
 “Tumml was uniquely suited to our needs. They connected us to government agencies, apprenticeship programs, and unions in a way that your typical tech accelerator couldn’t.”

Julie and Clara prepared me to introduce Chariot to some of the most influential decision-makers in the city and ensure that the city understood how Chariot can coexist with other transit options. In fact, one of their introductions led to the formation of our Advisory Board.
— Ali Vahabzadeh, Chariot Co-Founder